IX. Language Use

5.1 Educational Institution:

1.The Rabha Language is being taught in the primary schools of Assam since 1988-89. Necessary steps are taken in Meghalaya and West Bengal to teach Rabha language as a subject in the primary schools.

2.Various aspects of Rabha language have been taken for research work in M.Phil and Ph. D. degrees by some Indian Universities. Moreover, the Rabha language has been approved as an optional paper in the P.G. Course of the Assamese Department in the Gauhati University since 1995.

3.The Rabha Bhasa Parishad has introduced five levels of professional efficiency course e.g. Phamansini (Introductory), Chamansini (Primary), Majartini (Middle), Mytprisini (Prabodh) and Mungsrangsini (Visharad) since 1981.

5.2 Mass Media:

1. T.V.: Various Programmes in Rabha language is being telecasted in the DDK, Guwahati, Tura and PPC (North-east) often.

2. Cinema: A number of Video films (features films), albums and documentary are being prepared in the Rabha Language.

3. Radio: Rabha folk songs and modern songs are being broadcasted by AIR , Guwahati since 1957. AIR , Tura and Dibrugarh are also broadcasting Rabha folk songs from the last few years.

4. Newspaper : A fort-nightly News bulletin, named Chingi Khurang is published in Rabha Language recently i.e., from March 2005 (editor-Nitai Rabha). However a News-bulletin named Chwtang edited by Jagat Kama, was published in 1988, but it lasted only till its sixth issue.

5. Journals and Magazines: Some journals and magazines are being published since 1961. Badungduppa (1961),a magazine edited by Samarsingh Rabha is the first magazine in Rabha language. Some Magazines, which are published in the Rabha Language are-

Jatini Khurang (1978), edited by Prakash Rabha

Champay (1978), edited by Listi Rabha

Jhankar , a Mouthpiece of the Rabha Kristi Sanmilan edited by Ganapati Pam.

Twinai Sarkayo (1992), a Mouthpiece of Mechpara Madhyanchal Rabha Satra Santha.

Hasongi Khurang (1990), a Mouthpiece of Mechpara Madhyanchal Rabha Samaj, edited by Sulochan Rabha.

Chingi Hurang(1980), a mouthpiece of ARSU.

Chan Nari 1984-85,

Runjumuk 1987,

Charab 1992,

Moreover, in auspicious occasions, various Literary and Social Organizations bring out a huge number of souvenirs.

5.3 Administration:

The Rabha Language is used only in local administration (Jamat and Sanmilan).

5.4 Judiciary:

In the Judiciary, the illeterate people in the village and panchayat level particularly use Rabha Language

5.5 Public Speech:

The Rabha language is used as public speech in village and panchayat level.

5.6 Use in Family:

This language is popularly used in Rabha families as the language of conversation. However there is a tendency of code-switching of this language with its unknown guests. The Rabha Language, particularly of archaic nature is compulsorily used in religious institution viz. workshiping of Baikho, Hasong, Tikkar etc and in rites and rituals relating with birth, marriage and death.


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