Maithili Language Use


Language Use


19.1. Education:

In Maithili speaking area, Hindi is the medium of instruction in all primary schools run by Government. In private primary schools the medium of instruction is either English or Hindi. Maithili is taught as a subject only in Government schools: one paper of hundred marks (80 from text books, 20 general knowledge), But from standard 8 and 9 Maithili is taught as an optional subject.

In secondary schools run by Government, Maithili is an optional subject.

In colleges, the medium of instruction is either Hindi or English and Maithili is an optional subject.

In universities, they have included Maithili as the medium of instruction and as as the subject for study.

19.2. Mass media:

In Television, the Government channels give insignificant coverage to Maithili literature and performing arts. Private channels have introduced Maithili in their programme regarding local culture and documentaries.

In Cinema, the state of Maithili is despairing. The umber of Maithili films is yet only four or five and none of them is up to the mark. Poverty of the speakers, and low pace of urbanization, and insufficient population may be responsible for this.

In radio, the domination of Hindi and Urdu has left little place for Maithili. One hour in a week is allotted for Maithili programmes. In Darbhanga station, 5 minute is allotted for news in Maithili.

19.3. Newspaper:

At present, Maithili has only one newspaper weekly Gāmghar published from Janakpur in Nepal. It started in 1982 and is appearing regularly. Daily Svadesh appeared from Darbhanga (October, 1955 to December 1955) but proved shortlived. Mithila Mihir started from Patna but met the same fate. Weekly Mithila, Mithila Sevak, Mithila Times and a few others could not last long.

19.4. Journals and Magazines:

At present, the following magazines are running regularly.

Monthly - Shri Mithilā, Kolkata and Bhorukbā, Kolkata.

Bi-monthly –Samanya-sāl, Patna.

Quarterly – Antikā, New Delhi; Ghar-bāhar,Patna; Pūrvottar Maithil, Guwahati; Bhāratī Manḍan and Saharsa.Maithil Jan, New Delhi. Maithili Darhsna, Kolkata; Karnamirta, Kolkata; Vagmati Damadar Times, New Delhi; Rachnā - Dharbhanga.

Journalism in Maithili started in 1905. Some magazines have celebrated its centenary. The 20th century gave birth to more than 140 magazines. But only a few of them are popular: Mithila Mihir (20 years), Mithila Mod (18 years), Vaidehi (30 years)

19.5. Administration etc:

Maithili is no where used as a language of administration, judiciary and legislation, as the state government has not yet recognized Maithili as a regional language.

19.6. Use in Science and Technology:

Maithili is far from the sphere of science and technology. Since about sixties, the Government has introduced Hindi in teaching science and technology, but now even Hindi is being ousted in favour of English and the status of maithili in science and technology is unthinkable.


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