How of LIS-India

Language Information Services (LIS)-India is to be based on specially undertaken new field studies and published documents, including that of LSI. As a national task, it would involve (besides CIIL) various research and teaching Institutes Universities/Experts in Linguistics/Language/Literature and other related fields in the country with the Central Institute of Indian Languages as the nodal and sole funding agency coordinating and carrying out the work. Content creation on different languages is done in the project mode under the present X plan and is entrusted to different experts as Chief Resource Persons-cum-Supervisors (CRPSs), who in turn gets the work done with the help of different experts as Resource Persons (RPs) under their supervision. The material thus generated is pooled together, edited by experts and then made available on the web site. The information could be accessed in a general or a specific way by using search options on the Home Page. LIS-India is envisaged as an on going project with the information, in terms of content and coverage, being continually updated and expanded and therefore open-ended. The registered end users could also add to the database by using the Add Data option on the Home Page. Information thus received would be scrutinized and then added to the database.
For reference and facilitating the users to see the changes in the country’s linguistic scenario over the century ever since the first Linguistic Survey of India (LSI) by Sir.George Grierson, the LIS-India site would also have the all the volumes of the LSI in .pdf format.

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