What is LIS-India?

Language Information Services (LIS)-India is a web based, on line, multi- media, authentic, comprehensive information source in the public domain on the Indian languages. In terms of its coverage of content and languages, it is envisaged to provide answers to all possible questions that one would like to ask about any or all the Indian languages including English- their grammar, history, functions, scripts, the number of speakers and their spread including diasporas, bi or multilingualism, literacy and education, language technologies and digitarcy, literatures and litterateurs including translations and translators, all linguistic artifacts from sign boards and place names to books, news papers, periodicals and other mass media, etc. that would be useful to a layman as well as a linguist or any other specialist interested in the Indian Linguistic landscape, its richness, dynamics and vitality. It is envisaged to be useful for language planning and social development with a scope for social engineering.

It is to provide several additional utility packages such as on-line language learning, lexical resources and language corpora, spelling and grammar checkers, pronunciation patterns and translation tools and services through macro level linkages

CIIL-India Mysore